About Us

It all began in the Bronx, 1925. Two brothers Rocco and Joe Delillo decided to open a pastry shop together and bring the taste of Italy to New York. Immigrating from Calabria, the brothers came to New York in search of the American Dream that eluded so many from that time.So now having settled down in the Belmont Section of the Bronx with their families, they were in search of the perfect location.

Amidst butchers, delicatessens, and pizzerias they found it here, in the Heart of Little Italy, at 606 East 187 Street. As with many small businesses from that time, your family would always be your most valuable and trusted employees.

In this case, that would be Rose and Nick Delillo. They started working here as soon as they could reach over the counter and tie a cookie box. Of course, their work didn’t stop there;back then you had no titles or positions. In the morning you would be stacking cookies in a tray or taking cannolis out of the fryer and in the afternoon you would be helping customers in the front. One man in particular, Luigi Florio would one day be rewarded for all his hardwork and dedication.

He began working in Delillo’s in the mid 1950’s as a baker’s assistant and slowly moved up to head baker, learning all the techniques and recipes along the way.In the mid 1970’s , long after Rose’s father Joe passed away, he offered Luigi a partnership in the business.

He accepted her offer and their partnership would last well over a decade. Eventually though, Rose would grow tired of the business she grew up in.

She had started her own family by now and was ready to try something different. So she told Luigi of her intentions and asked if he would be willing to buy her share of the business. Luigi accepted but would need someone he could trust to help run the business. So he turned to his brother Salvatore and asked if he would become partners.

Salvatore accepted and in September of 1984 the Florio family along with Victoria Spadafino (A Delillo employee and fixture for over 40 years) would continue the fine tradition of producing New York’s finest pastry and cookies.

Fast forwarding to the spring of 2011, the Florio family has added yet another chapter to Delillo’s rich history, Existing for over 85 years at our original location Delillo has finally expanded to a new and larger location befitiing its reputation.

Our new space with over 2500 square feet our is now the talk of the town. From our outdoor seating to our homemade gelati you will feel as if you were enjoying your desserts in Napoli itself. So if you want a true taste of Italy here in New York City then this is the place to visit. So please come visit us here at our new location for some of the finest coffee and dessert in New York.